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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Building Hope In Uncertain Times

Any negative or hard event can leave a person feeling hopeless. It is because human nature is to dwell on the negative unless the individual can find ways to build a better understanding and come to the realization that it is only temporary. Seeing the good can be difficult, but not impossible. Remember if you have breath, you have life. That means another day that you get out of bed is a new chance, a way to start over of sorts. Now it doesn’t mean that the slate is wiped clean, however with time it can be. Here are a few tips for finding hope within your own life, even when times are tough or there seems to be no hope!

Let Some Of It Go
Feeling of helplessness or hopelessness is due to a person’s belief that there is nothing they can do to rectify the situation. They continue to beat themselves up over whatever went wrong, sometimes when it isn’t even their fault. Some of this is normal human nature, but it can only go on to a certain point. At some time, you must let go of the anger, frustration, disappointment or whatever other emotions that you might be suffering with. So you made a mistake, realize that you are human, and to error is human. Give it up and physically speak that you are done with carrying the burden, this might be through prayer or visiting with someone close to you. Now does that mean that you will forget, no, you will likely never forget, but forgiving yourself is the very first step.

Praise For Strengths
Oftentimes when a person has lost their hope they begin to focus on the negative of themselves as well as others around them. This is a dangerous pattern because it can lead to depression as well as other negative health issues. Take the time and think of the strengths that you have, how you have overcome turmoil in the past. Think about what your good at, it might be good at organizing, talking with others or you might be an awesome handyman, the point is to just focus on the good, replacing the bad thoughts. Speak kind of yourself to others and to yourself, absolutely no negative!

Surrounded By Love
Those that love you have hope for you. There is no better way to find that hope yourself than surrounding yourself with those that have a kind regard for you. Not only will their hope and positive spirit rub off on you, it also creates a positive environment. Hope is where happiness is, so take yourself to those places where happiness and love abounds.



Aso said...

Thank you for you thoughts. It's a new perspective on the things we consider negative in our lives.

Very helpful information.

nothing profound said...

Great suggestions as always. People can be so unforgiving towards themselves.