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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Internal Happiness Makes For External Happiness Achieving Both..

When we are hurting on the inside it is hard to put on a happy smile on and achieve external happiness. After all when there is inner turmoil it can take a toll on a person as a whole. Not only can it ruin relationships, end careers and lead to health issues, but it is also a miserable way of life. Some believe that if they achieve external happiness, such as a new house, relationship or sports car then they can make themselves happy throughout. After achieving success, finding love and buying into monetary goods, they are still not happy. It is then that they begin to realize that external happiness cannot make a person happy; they must achieve internal happiness to truly be content.
At Peace With Your Self
One of the first steps of achieving internal happiness is becoming comfortable and at peace with who you are. Too many people go through their entire life beating themselves up over things that they cannot change. Because happiness is a feeling, a frame of mind, some might say, than it is important that you love yourself, regardless of your flaws. Accepting the facts, acknowledging your shortcomings and working toward goals will help you learn to accept the things that you can change, and stop worrying with what is out of your control. Some find peace in allowing their spiritual side to become stronger; and this represents ‘contentness’ with who you are. Coming to terms with your spiritual side can truly allow you to understand that you were made for a purpose in life, a much bigger purpose, just the way you are.

Never Compare Peter & Paul
Why is it that we compare ourselves to others? Not only is it the way that we look, but where we live, the kind of car we drive and how much money we make every month. We forget to compare the negative things about those individuals to our own life, just their success. No two people are alike and neither are their paths in life. Just because your high school buddy struck it rich, doesn’t mean that he is happy or that you should wish to be “happy” like him. You never know what is going on in someone else’s life, so do not compare yourself to anyone else. Who knows he may have a drinking problem or trouble in his relationship that is never disclosed, secretly he may be wishing he had the life, just like you!
In order to achieve external happiness you must first become happy on the inside. It is just like the skin, it cannot be healthy without the right nutrition, enough water and good health from the inside. Love yourself and accept who you are, and the sooner that you give yourself the chance to feel better about yourself, internal and external happiness will soon follow.



Jason said...

I agree with your thoughts, Fatima.

The only way we are going to change the outside is if we change ourselves first - and that includes being content and finding peace with one another.

Nice post!

Jenny porridge said...

Very encouraging and articulate mind booster!

George Ansah said...

Quite interesting stuff!

solcarina said...

I love your beautiful article(blogspot). You are very encouraging, and we can never hear it enought. And Yes, I`m so agree with you. You nee to love yourself (you know what I mean) and then you can give your love to others.
Thank you for visiting my blog, you are very sweet. Sending love and light,beauty and you from me here in Norway.

Tricia said...

It's true, we cannot be happy with our outsides if we are not happy with our insides (mind). The same goes of happiness.

Anonymous said...

A valuable post on wellness.

Karim - Mind Power