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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Self Discovery Your Way to Greatness...

Self discovery is a process of self realization, expression and creation which demands a person explores and becomes aware of their true potentials , charaters and motives. I would like to start by asking you to go through this quiz first.
Do you wonder why your life is not how you want it be?
Do you feel unhappy at most times?
Do you feel you will never accomplish your dreams?
Do you feel lost and no longer recognise yourself?
Are you about to give up on everything?
Right!! If the answers to all the questions are Yes , just try to imagine someone you love dearly literally screaming No! No! No! at you ….. And this is why.....
“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself”.... the wonderful you... who will Now say No! to the above questions ... by Alan Alda

This article is written to help you establish your way to greatness through self discovery....This concept is understood here as a person’s ability to find and create oneself in order to live and get the best out of life. So how do you find yourself? after all you are not lost... ...We find ourselves by developing a relationship with who we are and how we now; This we are able to do by connecting with our inner self bearing in mind external factors (Life/Life events) around us; In this we make creative choices on how we respond based on how we want our life to be.

Self Discovery Process (Tips)
1,Take time out to reflect on your, actions, thoughts, feeling and association with other people... Remember this is all between you and you now ... so be honest with yourself! The beauty of life is the ability to learn, grow, make reparation or change... so whilst you are in reflection ask yourself what and how you can learn and grow.
2,Your ultimate goal whilst in reflection is to fulfil your individual role as a person, subsequently get the best out of life.
3,The final stage is your ability to be realistic and take action... this is where your sense of responsibility comes in. The existentialist will say that responsibility is the dark side of freedom, with freedom come’s responsibility.

What you may have discovered about you may not be pleasant but hey make creative choices to get the best out of life. “That which does not kill me makes me Stronger” by Friedrich Nietzsche
Whilst in reflection here are some questions you could ask yourself ; do I spend so much time beating myself up over the past? Am I unpleasant when around people ? Do I put others down? The list could go on but the key is to be true to yourself and come up with realistic ways of how to turn all these around.
Nothing is true in self-discovery unless it is true in your own experience. This is the only protection against the robot levels of the mind."- Barry Long .

You may need to go through this process a few times, write down your thoughts with an action plan as you go along with strong focus on how you want to be(create oneself); use visualization which is a powerful process too.
"Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be". By Robert Brault,

For some individuals seeking help via routes such as therapy, churches, mosques, mediation or organisations which will support you may be needed.
In terms of seeking for a therapist I generally will recommend you look for one with an existential background simply because this approach of therapy is very useful for individuals who seek to find meaning in their life. The therapist is obviously not going to tell you the meaning of your life but will aid you to explore questions such as Who am I, Where am I going, What can I hope, What I ought to do. Lack of meaning can be a major source of stress, anxiety, depression and unhappiness. An existential therapist will not analyse your past but will visit the past to help you learn lessons from it to move on into the future. The therapist should help you expand your self –awareness to increase potential for choice. They should also help you discover your unique being (self) in the world .It is that once you become more aware it is difficult for you to revert back to your old ways. So dear all good luck once again.... on your journey to greatness and remember…..
"Nurture your dreams, Discover your passion, Embrace your visions, Free your spirit, Share your love, Love your soul." ~ Vicki Virk


Walk in Clinic in Florida said...

ya it matters :(

Jason said...

Nice post. I still think that one must depend on oneself to overcome any difficulties, especially those of the mind.

But you are quite correct in saying that we all must look into ourselves to discover the path towards cultivating our own self-growth.

Nothing Profound said...

Great post. Thorough and informative.

"Writing, like life, is a voyage of discovery." Henry Miller

Liz Beckley said...

Great stuff....quite an interlect i say!

Mary compass said...

Fat you're so down-to-earth and explicit in your constructs.Your article is such a breath of fresh air...brilliant!