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Monday, 14 September 2009

Finding Motivation With A Few Self Helps Tips

We have to have motivation for everything, getting out of bed in the mornings and going to work every day, there is nothing it doesn’t affect. Some people have no trouble staying motivation while others struggle with everyday simple chores. So how do you stay motivated, is there a magic feeling or purpose that one should be looking for? Take the time to look at the self help tips below to uncover a few tricks to gather and keep some extra motivation.

Stop The Perfection Seeking
One of the culprits that steal motivation away is seeking perfection. From a project to a social event, the planning, delivery or the event itself will not be perfect. Understand and accept that accomplishment is the most important thing not achieving perfection to every detail. Stop worrying quite so much about every “t” being crossed! Do your best, finish it and let it happen as it may. This is the hope that having a spiritual background will afford you.

Have A Plan Of Action
Having a plan of action not only keeps you on schedule it also helps with motivation. It is too easy to become frustrated not knowing what to do first. This can be overwhelming, setting you up for failure. So, make a plan, write the steps down and prioritize. Which step is first, what’s second and so on? This is a mini way of making goals and putting them in order, same theory, just a little more informal.

Breaking It Down
Breaking down one big project into several small ones helps achieve your goals. Sometimes looking at a mountain of a project is intimidating therefore dismotivating. Breaking the project down into several smaller ones can make it seem easier to tackle, even giving you a starting point. Look at it kind of like looking at Mt. Everest to climb instead of taking a few smaller hills first. This makes it seem more reasonable and helps put away feelings of defeat.

Giving Praise & Finding Inner Health
These tips will help keep a person moving in the right direction and even help them get going. Tips are good, however you must understand that praising yourself and giving a little pep talk can help motivate as well. Take the time to give thanks to your higher power and appreciate what you have and the opportunities that you have been afforded to you. Learn to build yourself up, rather than be negative about not having a great deal of motivation. Just because you have trouble getting motivated doesn’t mean that you are lazy! Love yourself and accept that once in a while you might need a little kick start, to get your motivation into high gear.


risingthinker said...

the important things to finding motivation is to "just do it"

Sire said...

Motivation a lot of the time means you need a goal to focus on. If that goal is clear in your mind it is easier to be motivated into achieving that goal.

Anonymous said...

I agree... just do it, if you think about it to much you may just think yourself right out of it. always take baby steps that lead to accomplishing that end in site!
Thanks for sharing ;O)