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Monday, 3 August 2009

@Fatibony - Does this agree with you ? Happiness

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it - even if I have said it - unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense! I love this quote from the Buddha`s -Conformity . So today I hope this is for you where you can reason with me but before I start rattling on how did you all get on with the meditation tips?

A few days ago I had a few friends come over to see me; it was a beautiful sunny day and we were out in garden with a couple of drinks no barbecue – don’t like the smell left on my clothes. We all got down talking about my blog having read it together and I was bombarded with multiple questions from what inspired me to how much time I spend blogging. I explained to them that I have been inspired by my family cum loved ones and enhancing wellness is what I do off line anyway.... Time to blog is great provided you enjoy what you blog about!

What hit me that evening was the debate we got into which revolved around the first entry to this blog (Happiness- 7 Key secrets). Here are some of the questions they came up with; can happiness really be a matter of choice? Is happiness a societal plague urging us all to pursue happiness? (I have this great lecturer Derrick Summerfield at my university who talks from a societal perspective), how can you justify happiness when someone has lost basically everything in life? Right!!! It was quite overwhelming to hear all these questions but hey.... they are my good friends so we spent better part evening sharing, agreeing and disagreeing about the essence of happiness and the key secrets I had shared. We all have opinions and we all interpret issues differently, I suppose it this makes life more interesting which engineered our conversation/debate that evening.

Okay let’s pay attention to this; “is happiness a choice”? One lovely friend of mine felt happiness is not a choice and said it is pointless making happiness one of our aspirations anyway. I thought she was silly ooppppsss!!.... I hope she is not reading this but here is what I asked –“would you rather live a miserable life and die sad” and she rightly said no! I could have left it there but egging her on I consistently quizzed her of not wanting to live a miserable life. She did come up with how our emotions can play around and how different situations would warrant as well as provoke different emotions which I do agreed with; but then as you all know life is full of challenges. But then I keep saying we all have choices how we intend to deal and feel about whatever these challenges this is what really counts. I rightly mentioned in the key secrets that life should be like a river flowing majestically not static --- my point... move on in life and learn from the past!

The notion of happiness has been around a long time. I suppose this is because it’s associated with pleasure. Some contributing factors to happiness include hope, inquisitiveness and gratitude all of which can be developed indirectly meaning you can work towards being happy in life... And please identify what true Happiness is for you in order not to confuse it with shallow contentment.
My final word for today - Make Happiness one of your goals in life, Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it by Wise Phrase by Jacques Prévert
I love this video what do you think?.



Anonymous said...

Great blog!! Touches on the very heart of people today!!

Thanks for sharing.