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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Laughter - The Magic of Laughing

Laughter is an audible expression or appearance of happiness, or an inwards feeling of joy (laughing from the inside). It may ensue (as a physiological reaction) from jokes tickling and other stimuli -Wikipedia.
How many times has someone come up to you and ask what drugs are you on, can I have some?? I usually get asked this question following what I call a good nice laugh that comes from within. And here’s my answer- Provided I don’t burst out laughing again I would say am on Endorphin.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters produced in the brain that have pain relieving properties similar to morphine. Aside acting as a pain regulator, endorphins are thought to be connected to physiological processes such as euphoric feelings, appetite modulation and the release of sex hormones. Thus having sex, I mean charging sex, promotes these pleasurable neurotransmitters due to the enjoyment of physical contact, of course eating spicy foods, exercise and laughter are additional good sources of invoking your endorphins and there are many more ways.

Today my focus is on laughter because it is free, cheap, universal and accessible to anyone; so what are the benefits of laughing??

  • Medical research have found that laughter boost your immune system by raising levels of infection –fighting T-cells.
  • Sigmund Freud “Relief theory” summarises that laughter releases tension and psychic energy. This theory explains that laughter can be a coping mechanism for when one is sad, angry or upset.
  • Laughter adds pleasure to your life.

  • Laughter dissolves stress, anxiety, grief and irritation.

  • Laughter is a free pain killer by causing the body to releases its own natural pain killer known as Endorphins
  • Research demonstrates that laughter improves oxygenation, lower blood pressure, strengthens cardiovascular function and increases muscle flexion.

  • Laughter will overall enhance your general sense of welling being.

    So here are some strategies to integrate Laughter into your life, I tell you for some crazy reason whenever I go a day or more without laughing I sometimes feel depressed.

    1. Positive thinking - look for the positives in every situation you are in and surround your self with others who think likewise. Remember we live in a dichotomy- dual world.
    2. Find humour in your Life- So instead of complaining and beating yourself up over every little thing, why not seek humour instead. This will give you the avenue to learn and move on whatever the situation. I say life is not static – refer to “My Happiness Article “.
    3. Entertainment – Comedies, theatres T.V programmes, music whatever you fancy are all out there, look for your taste and have fun. One of my favourite’s comedies is “Little Britain”.
    4. Seek advice & support- If you have any ongoing issues which is debarring you from ripping the benefits of laughing, do seek professional help. I should provide a list of life coaches at some point in my blog.
    5. Social benefits – Be the funny one when out and about; laughter connects us with others- Practise positive thinking and it will see you through this tip.
    6. Be reasonable- of course you need to know what is not funny using your own judgment. Having said that watch the video below; am not sure what to make of it but I must say I did laugh; the man in it just could not stop laughing.

Now just laugh be happy! And enjoy your day, but to rip the benefits of laughing try and laugh from within- I mean make it real!!!