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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Attracting Love By Improving Yourself

Though love is not listed as one of life’s essential needs, it should be. The human heart is capable of many types of love and has enough for many different people. For some love comes easy and for others it is a struggle, sometimes even a painful experience. The trouble may be finding and losing love or the inability to find loving relationships all together. Some feel that they are unworthy, others feel unlucky and then there are those that have trouble loving others, therefore pushing love away. Whatever the trouble, it is possible to be successful at finding love. It takes a little patience, spiritual faith and a few tips certainly couldn’t hurt either.

Loving One’s Self & Those Close To Them
Finding love is important and to be able to love one’s self is even more important. It is hard to love someone that does not love themselves. After all if one is not worthy of their own love, who should take that chance? Truly, giving love to others is one of the best ways to open up the heart and receive love. Without an open heart the mind is closed and can lead to a poor attitude toward love, therefore pushing others away. Take a step back and evaluate the love that you give in your close relationships. Ask, yourself, are you lovable or do you push those close to you away? Ask those hard questions and be honest with yourself, change comes through acknowledgment.

Daily Meditation & A Spiritual Self
Some might wonder how relaxation through meditation or deepening their spiritual self could encourage love. It’s a good question, one that must be understood and here’s why. Many get into relationships for the wrong reasons, rebound, lonely, financial or maybe even a love of convenience. This opens the door to trouble and will likely lead to an ending, therefore losing at love once again. Becoming more in tune with your inner feelings helps clear the mind, making you think things through. Those hasty decisions as well as poor decisions will come to an end. Meditation helps relax the body, free the mind and therefore improve your inner self. This means strengthening your emotions, letting go of the past and learning to heal from the inside out. Improving yourself makes you more lovable, letting all that baggage go makes more room in the heart and it is noticeable to others!

Attracting love is more than just physical attraction; it is about loving you, as well as improving emotions, thoughts and feelings. Letting go of the past and understanding that how you treat others can help others love you as well is the best way to win at love.

The video below laid emphasis on the importance of self love and has provided practical tips to attract love not just for relationships .



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, great blog!

If I am feeling unlovable or not loved. I just remember that Jesus Christ loves me unconditionally which in return opens my heart and mind to all possibilities!

Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

Hilarious that you just added me and I found this post. I have been thinking a lot today about self love. I enjoyed this post.

Shabnam Sultan said...

Excellent post...... i enjoyed reading it. Keep it up.

nothing profound said...

People spend too much time thinking about love. When you don't need love, love is there.

jeber said...

with your good article, now I understand about the true meaning of love

Nita said...

I agree with you about the importance of self love. One tends to project outwards what one feels inside and if one feel hate and negativism then that this projected outwards, to other people.
Came here from TT's!

Babe said...

Nita found you beacuse I added your blog to my reading list and gave you an award of link love in my "A Lovely Award" post. Please keep the meme going so we all get new readers.

P.S. I hate using this Blogger identity to leave comments but I have no choice :(

Fatima Da said...

Thanks Babe AKA Timethief.... Nice of you to include my blog in your reading list..I have posted a link on my blog and wld keep in touch to keep this going....