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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Setting Goals, Monday to Friday with @ Fatibony

The year is almost running to an end for some setting goals or reviewing goals becomes a focal point and for others Christmas shopping and other activities are priorities. If you work Mondays to Fridays you most likely would be one those who will appreciate the weekend on-coming. I suppose that’s where we get the saying “Thank God it’s Friday” .So the question is what exactly do you look forward to at the weekends? Is it getting ready for another week, resting, Sunday service,shopping, family activities, partying or you know what?

“The best improvement one can make to humanity is to improve oneself”

I share with you what I do most weekends and of course on other days too, it's called making plans and setting goals. So if you are ready to make time to make plans and improve self this is for you. Now the question is how you do set goals and what exactly are they? Goals are an essential part of human life, they helps us determine the essences of our life, According to Robert H. Schuller ~ "Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive"

Obviously without goals or aims living a happy life may be impossible. So get out a pen and paper now and start writing out down your goals and remember here " You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there" ~ Yogi Berra . So sitting down taking your time to establish what you really want from life is quite important. This brings us to the next chapter setting goals.

Setting Goals Tips
1, Journal - I have already mentioned writing down your goals; this essentially is the initial stage. Start by writing down what you hope and want. This can be buying a new home, paying more attention to your spiritual needs, loosing weight, improving health, starting a new business, obtaining financial freedom the list could go on. Writing down your goals helps you brainstorm and put together your thoughts and plans of what you feel is realistic in the short and long term..
“The discipline of writing something down is the first step towards making it happen”~ L.lacocca.

2, Time Frame; For each goal you established you must set deadlines where necessary write down and breakdown how you intent to make it work .It's important you keep to your deadlines. If for whatever reason you fail simply review your goal/s and repeat the process again. Beware here, you don’t want to end up going round in circles because you mostly likely will end up feeling dizzy and this will serve you no purpose. My point take note of when you need to review or change your goals

3, Be Positive; Its common sense I know but hey, this is not just about positive talk. Get into a positive frame of mind feel enjoy the whole process of writing your goals down too. Try and image all goals written down have been accomplished use affirmation daily they help strengthens your goals when used correctly. Refer to what some researchers say about positive affirmation.

4, Get inspired - Here you simply seek for inspiration .Refer to others who have been successful in whatever you are trying to accomplish. The likeness is that what you are trying to accomplish is not new and someone out there has successfully done it. Do your researches, read, get out and network. Create a habit to stay tuned in and be around like minded people those who will encourage you, immerse yourself in their environment.

5, Action; Very important it’s obviously would not make any sense setting goals, getting inspired and doing nothing. This is the stage to make it work whatever it is you have set to do, take one step at a time, babies steps if necessary and organise yourself alongside with your goals.

6, Challenge Fear; Fear will most likely creep in at some stage of the process which is fine.
This is an opportunity for you to feel the fear and do it anyway. So here you DO and BELIEVE you can make it work despite what your thoughts may be telling you for instance "you are just fooling yourself", “ you are wasting time “,"you are a failure" and many more.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered you will never grow”~ C.R Lawton.

Good Luck; go through these steps as many times as you want look for additional information as needed seek support from groups or friends :)

This is not just for nine to fivers, it applies to all, shift workers, mamas, papas, unemployed , after all If I may rightly say we all have a purpose in life, we can all contribute no matter how small it is to others life and purpose. We all want to be happy and live a fulfilling life.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”~ Zig Ziglar


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Emotions a Powerful Drug - How Do You Use Them?

Most of us realize the dangers of illegal drugs. We’ve seen the advertisements where a person compares your brain on drugs to an egg in a frying pan – that’s not a pretty picture to consider. But sometimes we think that drugs are okay for us. This is often true. Prescription drugs which are recommended and supervised by a doctor are certainly going to help us with a variety of conditions. However if prescription drugs are abused or used incorrectly, they can hurt us just as much as illegal drugs. Emotions are the same way. When emotions are ‘used’ correctly, they can help us during happy and even painful times. But when emotions become drugs, that’s when trouble can begin.

Do Emotions Run Your Life?

Humans are creatures of emotions, whether we want to admit it or not. When we are overwhelmed by a certain emotion, it will run our lives like drugs – if we let it. Think about the last time you were celebrating a big achievement. You were probably over the moon with happiness and you didn’t want to think about anything else. But as you were smiling from ear to ear, you might have neglected other parts of your life, which is not a good way to live. Your emotions, while valuable, should not be in complete control of your life as ‘overdosing’ on the emotional ups and downs can be just as damaging as taking pills or injecting a drug.

The Highs of Happiness and Love

Most people relate the ‘high’ of happiness and of love as being a positive part of their lives. And this is true. When you are happy, you feel like you can do anything, be anything, and certainly like you can continue to be happy. This is a good thing. Happiness tends to be infectious, causing us to think only positive thoughts and to only see the good in others. When you are feeling happy, it’s a good idea to enjoy this feeling, even sharing it with others. Take some time to write down in a journal how you feel and why you feel this way. During times when you're feeling less than happy, then you can refer back to this journal and perhaps tap back into this emotional state.

The Lows of Sadness and Anger

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when you are sad or angry, the emotions can begin to affect you in a negative way. When you are not satisfied with your life, you might begin to see everything in your life as hopeless. You might begin to do things which begin to interfere with plans you’ve already made. For example, you might decide to blow a bunch of money at a mall because you’ve feeling down about something which happened at work. However, spending all of that money isn’t good for your budget either. To help deal with the lows of anger and of sadness, you need to step away from them, just for a bit, to gain perspective. Before you do anything to react to these feelings, stop, take ten deep breaths, and write about what you are feeling. This will help you to slow down the response you will have and you will not do anything based on how emotional you are. Once you are calm, then you can take action.

Emotions can be drugs if they are not used properly. Instead of letting emotions run your life, you want to recognize them for what they truly are – opportunities to make decisions. But as with any drug, you want to make positive decisions which help your life not hurt it.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Developing Good Habits For A Fruitful Life...

Good habits are something that most people want to develop more of. No one wants to be riddled with bad habits, because they are usually bad for them, something that might be embarrassing or harmful in some way. Every New Year hundreds of thousands promises to break their old habits and replace them with new habits. Some promise exercise, others plan to quit smoking and the list just goes on. Unfortunately of those thousands, only a handful change, their habits and maintains their new lifestyle for more than a couple of weeks. Old habits can be difficult to break, but there are a few ways to help bring the new in and get rid of the old. Life is too short for bad habits, it is high time that you put a little trust in yourself, your spirituality and lean on the following to change your habits once and for all.

Replace Good For Bad
For every bad habit there are 3 good ones. Take the time to find a “good” habit to replace the old habit. It might be drinking a glass of water every time you have the urge to smoke a cigarette or jogging in place every time that candy bar calls your name, but do something. Not only does this help take your mind off the old habit it begins to retrain your brain. The brain, of course is an intelligent piece of machinery, it will learn quickly that those urges get filled with a glass of water or a short run in place, and stop calling! Eventually the new habit will become “the habit” and the old will be long gone.

One At A Time
One of the biggest reasons that New Year’s resolutions get broke is because there is a huge list of them. People are trying to change their whole life, which can be pretty devastating to the body. Remember the human body is a creature of habit, so take it slow. Work on replacing or quitting one bad habit at a time. Spend about a month on each habit to really focus in on it and retrain the brain, remember it takes some time!

Use Triggers
Triggers refer to something that reminds you of your old habit. For those trying to quit drinking, it might be a friend’s house, for those looking to lose weight; it might be that nightly ice cream in front of the television set. Use these triggers to build a different ritual. The rituals can be anything, though preferably something good! How about a snap from a rubber band on the wrist, reading the Bible when the urge for a drink comes on or a quick bath when the ice cream calls?
All of these ideas are ways of replacing bad habits with good ones. Have faith that you can do it, and tell yourself that it is not “if” you can, it is “when” you can........Good Luck


A Lovely Award

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Attracting Love By Improving Yourself

Though love is not listed as one of life’s essential needs, it should be. The human heart is capable of many types of love and has enough for many different people. For some love comes easy and for others it is a struggle, sometimes even a painful experience. The trouble may be finding and losing love or the inability to find loving relationships all together. Some feel that they are unworthy, others feel unlucky and then there are those that have trouble loving others, therefore pushing love away. Whatever the trouble, it is possible to be successful at finding love. It takes a little patience, spiritual faith and a few tips certainly couldn’t hurt either.

Loving One’s Self & Those Close To Them
Finding love is important and to be able to love one’s self is even more important. It is hard to love someone that does not love themselves. After all if one is not worthy of their own love, who should take that chance? Truly, giving love to others is one of the best ways to open up the heart and receive love. Without an open heart the mind is closed and can lead to a poor attitude toward love, therefore pushing others away. Take a step back and evaluate the love that you give in your close relationships. Ask, yourself, are you lovable or do you push those close to you away? Ask those hard questions and be honest with yourself, change comes through acknowledgment.

Daily Meditation & A Spiritual Self
Some might wonder how relaxation through meditation or deepening their spiritual self could encourage love. It’s a good question, one that must be understood and here’s why. Many get into relationships for the wrong reasons, rebound, lonely, financial or maybe even a love of convenience. This opens the door to trouble and will likely lead to an ending, therefore losing at love once again. Becoming more in tune with your inner feelings helps clear the mind, making you think things through. Those hasty decisions as well as poor decisions will come to an end. Meditation helps relax the body, free the mind and therefore improve your inner self. This means strengthening your emotions, letting go of the past and learning to heal from the inside out. Improving yourself makes you more lovable, letting all that baggage go makes more room in the heart and it is noticeable to others!

Attracting love is more than just physical attraction; it is about loving you, as well as improving emotions, thoughts and feelings. Letting go of the past and understanding that how you treat others can help others love you as well is the best way to win at love.

The video below laid emphasis on the importance of self love and has provided practical tips to attract love not just for relationships .