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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Developing Good Habits For A Fruitful Life...

Good habits are something that most people want to develop more of. No one wants to be riddled with bad habits, because they are usually bad for them, something that might be embarrassing or harmful in some way. Every New Year hundreds of thousands promises to break their old habits and replace them with new habits. Some promise exercise, others plan to quit smoking and the list just goes on. Unfortunately of those thousands, only a handful change, their habits and maintains their new lifestyle for more than a couple of weeks. Old habits can be difficult to break, but there are a few ways to help bring the new in and get rid of the old. Life is too short for bad habits, it is high time that you put a little trust in yourself, your spirituality and lean on the following to change your habits once and for all.

Replace Good For Bad
For every bad habit there are 3 good ones. Take the time to find a “good” habit to replace the old habit. It might be drinking a glass of water every time you have the urge to smoke a cigarette or jogging in place every time that candy bar calls your name, but do something. Not only does this help take your mind off the old habit it begins to retrain your brain. The brain, of course is an intelligent piece of machinery, it will learn quickly that those urges get filled with a glass of water or a short run in place, and stop calling! Eventually the new habit will become “the habit” and the old will be long gone.

One At A Time
One of the biggest reasons that New Year’s resolutions get broke is because there is a huge list of them. People are trying to change their whole life, which can be pretty devastating to the body. Remember the human body is a creature of habit, so take it slow. Work on replacing or quitting one bad habit at a time. Spend about a month on each habit to really focus in on it and retrain the brain, remember it takes some time!

Use Triggers
Triggers refer to something that reminds you of your old habit. For those trying to quit drinking, it might be a friend’s house, for those looking to lose weight; it might be that nightly ice cream in front of the television set. Use these triggers to build a different ritual. The rituals can be anything, though preferably something good! How about a snap from a rubber band on the wrist, reading the Bible when the urge for a drink comes on or a quick bath when the ice cream calls?
All of these ideas are ways of replacing bad habits with good ones. Have faith that you can do it, and tell yourself that it is not “if” you can, it is “when” you can........Good Luck



Anonymous said...

The pastor of my church was talking about fasting today and mentioned that when you start to do or think of something you shouldn't pull out the bible. It will take your forcus away from the bad and lead to something a whole lot better.

Thanks for sharing some great advice!

Huzaifa said...

you have told very good habits for having a good life... tk care

Joe said...

Interesting. I never thought of breaking a "bad habit" the way that you described.

You're right about the New Years Resolutions. I have broken many of them because I often make them too big. I'll definitely try some of your advice on breaking bad habits.


coolingstar9 said...

This is the good tips. We shold change our bad habits one by one.
After getting rid of one bad habit, it build up our confidence and we are aiming the next one.
Have the nice day.

Fibro Viv said...


My New Years Resolutions are ongoing, working on becoming a better person, sharing, and giving time to others.

You gave some great tips, triggers are very helpful.

TJ Lubrano said...

Your posts contain lots of useful information and tips! Really nice. Thanks for sharing them with the world ^_^!

Ps: Thanks for stopping by on my blog as well! I really appreciate it!

Fibro Viv said...

Hello TJ Lubrano,

I appreciate your comments. It is so nice to meet new people and read their blog posts.

nothingprofound said...

As you say, Fatima, I think time and patience is the key to replacing our bad habits with good ones. One has to repeat a new behavior countless times before it becomes a part of our nature.

Anonymous said...

My New year resolutions is to build good habits said...

Love this! that's the way to go, take it by baby steps and with the logic of love and self help! Tks for crossing my path! Marcomé from Canada

G.K.Menon said...

I love ur article enriched with good tips. I enjoyed it. Good and fruitful attempt. I would like to suggest u to work upon finding more bad habits prevail amoung our society and towords the removal those, give tips to practice. It will be an elaborate subject to explore, and people will be highly benifited. At last, thank u for ur visit to my blog and ur comments.

Myraaso said...

I like this post. Speaks to a lot of people.