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Monday, 17 August 2009

Five Must have Habits to intergrate into your Day...

The whole concept of habits is great cos it means you just do certain things in life without thinking too much or even care who is around you. I suppose we all have habits from picking our nose when stuck in a traffic jam to smoking... The nose picking one I find funny cos I have come across some well presented good looking people picking their nose and doing all sorts with the “ boogi”, I usually would hoot to drawn their attention, some stop the poking and some just give me dirty funny looks... I suppose it’s the pressure of being stuck in traffic!

Habits “are routines of behaviour that are repeated regularly, tend to occur subconsciously without directly thinking consciously about them. Habitual behaviour sometimes goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting them, because it is often unnecessary to engage in self-analysis when undertaking in routine tasks” By wikipedia .Research has suggested that it takes doing something seven times in a row to develop new habits. So do look at the list below and integrate each one of these into your day; It will most surely enhance your general wellbeing.

Your Daily habits to add value to our life;
1, Gratitude - First thing to do when you open your eyes in the morning, smell the breath of the day or when your feet hit the ground. How wonderful is it to just say in your heart thank you, thank God and be grateful that you yet have another day to do whatever it is you hope to accomplish. There is a saying that “when there is life there’s hope”... I usually spend the first 10 minutes of the day being grateful while I prepare for my day....
2, Water- This is one of the greatest elements from planet earth. Drink lukewarm water first thing in the morning and make it a habit to sit on that loo before you leave home.....Warm water with lemon is usually recommend in the morning due to its cleansing properties and its ability to wake up your metabolism , how great !!
3, Plan – always get your self readying for the following day. So be it.... ironing your clothes, cleaning the house, preparing your lunch pack , making a list of what you intend to do, booking a cab/taxi .. The list could go on; the key here is to plan and set goals/tasks for the next day....
4, Money- At the end of each day empty all your loose coins into a jay/piggybank.. So if you don’t have a jay do get one now!!.. If you don’t have loose coins or any money do try and put in at least a penny into your jar every day. Now! the key here is to learn and make it a habit to look after/ manage your money including the pennies..... This will help and improve your financial habits!
5, Relax- Close your day with meditation, prayers and be grateful once again; Reflect on your day. This is a good opportunity to evaluate your day especially if you had a reactive day as suppose to a proactive one.

From my own experience starting with gratitude at the beginning of the day would instantly set you in motion for a great day. You have immediately set yourself in a state of mind where you look forward to the day as supposed to dreading it. Water drinking and sitting on the loo daily will obviously help you feel light and ready as suppose to sweating and feeling uncomfortable.... Plan: You are more likely to be prepared for your day having set yourself in motion the day before....The money Habit is straight forward; this will prepares you to manage and appreciate every penny. Finally, Relaxation and reflections are opportunities to make reparations if you had a bad day.....We certainly have a high percentage of being happier when we feel fulfilled and had a good day.
So do remember guys get motivated and integrate all these good habits into your life. “Motivation is what gets you started .Habit is what keeps you going” By J.Rohn, and “Good habits are worth being fanatical about” J.Irving….. Good Luck :)



PersistenceUnlimited said...

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